3:15 PM Reggie Nyamekye

Nutrien Wonderhub is honouring Black History Month at this year’s Saskatoon Heritage Festival.  Nutrien Wonderhub is excited that Reggie Neyamekye will be joining them to share her stories and songs that celebrate her Ghanaian heritage.

Reggie Nyamekye is a storyteller, scholar, advocate, poet, photographer, a dreamer, a lover of humanitarian causes and will easily join any movement that exists to impact, empower and do better for society. A passionate Ghanaian and a demonstrated leader, Reggie is also a creative enthusiast and an associate of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance; a network of highly motivated and educated young African thinkers and change makers. Reggie is also the founder of the DAANES Initiative, an organization that focuses on education, leadership and mentorship of young students through dialogues and activities to empower them in their dreams and ambitions.  Recognized for her humility, generosity, commitment, Reggie promotes, inclusion, respect, thoughtfulness, celebration of diversity in her interactions with others.