Page Archived: 2010 Kids Stage

Join us in Butler Byers Century Hall for great entertainment by Prairie Dog Doug, Singing with Sylvia, and Pooh Corner Storytellers!

Try your hand at heritage activities and games and join the SaskTel Mendel Art Caravan guides for art-making fun!

Prairie Dog” Doug loves nothing better than digging into the silly side of Saskatchewan’s musical possibilities. His mission? To sing of, and celebrate, our unsung celebrities.  “Prairie Dog” tunnels into a way-out musical world where young audiences meet rock n’ roller jackfish (Water Wolf), enjoy kooky sing-a-longs like “The Night We Slept In A Beaver Lodge” and the “Mosquito Song”, take a Jazzy-Swing walk with a Daddy Long Legs, and pilot an interstellar Flying Canoe to a pow-wow surf pop beat.  Singalongable! Bounceable! Danceable! It’s a portable prairie dog town of participation fun where the Hokey Pokey turns into the Hockey Pucky Hokey Pokey, This Little Piggy goes rock n’ roll, bubblebaths burst out singing, and catching My First Fish is best done with gummi worms. For a bumper crop of belly laffs kids just dig “Prairie Dog” Doug.

‘Singing with Sylvia’ is for singing loud, laughing hard, getting scared, (but just a little), and even learning a crazy new language. Sylvia’s songs move from the sandbox to the jungle, from bedtime to playtime and everything in between. They take a kid’s-eye view at the really interesting things in life. What do babies like to eat, really? What is a pirate’s favourite letter of the alphabet? How do you count in gypsy?Wonder no more. Sylvia has all the answers as she bounces around the stage and through her repertoire of songs and antics with flawless ease. Sylvia’s offbeat characters and unbridled love of performing weave a special magic that creates an amazing rapport with children. She can be a beautiful princess or a nasty witch, a crocodile or a bratty little girl who just doesn’t want to go to bed.  Sylvia’s voice is an amazing instrument that she commands to create the haunting howls of a ghost, the gruff bark of a no nonsense pirate, the high pitched cackle of a chatty, loveable crow. With it she can lead you in a loud raucous chorus, hush you with a whisper and soothe you with the smooth liquid tones of a lullaby. Hullabaloo and hilarity, enthrallment and magic are in store for children and adults alike with Sylvia Chave and that’s what all the fuss is about.

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