Page Archived: 2011 SaskTel Kids Stage

1:30 pm   George & The Jester 

Join George & The Jester to experience castle life through the eyes of a Jester and a mischievous, fun-loving purple monkey called George.  Weldon Gray, a.k.a. the Wacky Wizard, is the silly Jester who explores the castle.  Listen and giggle along with the rest of the audience as he examines long ago artifacts from the Middle Ages and plays music on replicas of a 16th Century lute and a Celtic Clarsach harp.  Jesters often used puppets and replicas of themselves to help bolster their antics, and George is no exception!
Throughout the show children are invited on stage to participate: try on the jester’s hat, do some Viking whipcording (the method Vikings used to make cords and ropes), and learn an ancient game of skill.  After the show, Weldon will be available for children and adults who wish to more closely view and discuss the replica artifacts which Weldon has re-created himself.

3:30 pm   Brenda Baker

Brenda is a Saskatoon based singer/songwriter.


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