Boyan on Tour

Boyan on Tour – or B.O.T. as it is lovingly referred, was designed as an outreach group for Boyan Ukrainian Dance Association’s most senior and committed students. At its inception, B.O.T consisted of 16 dancers and 4 creative directors who together, worked tirelessly to bring their love of Ukrainian dance to the stage at home and abroad! In 2013 in Saskatoon, BOT debuted their first creative endeavor, entitled ‘Fantazia!’ B.O.T took the show on the road and toured the Eastern United States, meeting fantastic fellow dancers and mentors along the way.

Preparations for their second international tour began with a new show entitled ‘Journey’ or ‘Podorozh’. This tour in 2015 took the dancers and directors to Costa Rica where they performed alongside cultural groups in three very diverse cities.

Most recently, BOT participated in the International Ukrainian Dance and Cultural Festival in L’viv, Ukraine in 2018. This festival was the final stop on a 5 city tour that included a full length performance of ‘Korinya’- Back to our Roots, in both Chernivtsi and Lutsk where they were met with packed houses of adoring fans.

Boyan on Tour’s 30 dancers are currently under the direction of Shaunda Arsenie.

“What inspires creation is our imagination. When dances paint forms of imagery, art is in motion. Where there blends passion and dedication, experiences become lasting memories. We don’t dance because we have to; we dance because we love to.”

Visit Boyan online at and follow them on Facebook @TourBoyan.