Smarter Science Better Buildings 1 – 3 pm

Smarter Science Better Buildings is an award-winning hands-on educational program, open to the public for one day only at the Heritage Festival of Saskatoon.

It is geared towards students in grade 7.  Students explore the concepts of heat and temperature through the practical application of making our homes more energy efficient. Workstations focus on:

  • Energy efficient lighting and appliances
  • Water conservation
  • Home retrofits
  • Building materials
  • Solar heating
  • A model of a net zero (produces as much energy as it consumes) home allows students to examine how all these concepts fit together into a home that is both livable and very energy efficient

Smarter Science Better Buildings has been developed collaboratively by the Saskatchewan Environmental Society, the Western Development Museum, VerEco Homes, with assistance from Saskatoon Public Schools and Sun Ridge Group.